Golden Tweezers

In our quest for ‘on point’ eyebrows, the right tools can make a difference between perfection or disaster. Using tweezers can be time consuming. You will also need patience and a steady hand; but it is still the most effective and precise way to tidy up your eyebrows and get rid of unwanted hair.

It is a smart idea to Invest in a good pair of stainless steel tweezers. When choosing a pair, get one with a thumb and forefinger grip and with plastic tube to protect the tip when not in use. The tube will ensure the tip stays sharp and prevent accidental nicks when you store the tweezers away.

The shape of the tip is important as well. The more commonly used is the slant type which is very effective when trying to pluck short coarse hair. Coupled with a good grip, gently tweaking errant hair and tidying up the eyebrow area is very easy. The other is the pointed tip golden tweezers. With its graduating sides tapering to a very sharp point, it can look rather intimidating for first time users. The pointed tip tweezer is good forits precision. Unlike the slant type, the pointed tip can pick off fine hairs and gently easing out ingrown hair. While it is not necessary, it is a good idea to have a magnifying mirror so you could see what you are doing.

When plucking hair, ensure that you prepare the area first. Doing it after a bath or shower is recommended. Hair will be softer and pores will be opened. If a shower or bath is out of question, gently washing your face and applying a hot wet towel over the area can have the same effect.

If you are tidying up your eyebrows, draw your preferred shape with an eyebrow pencil. Gently pluck errant hair by holding it firmly at the base with the tweezers and pulling in the direction of growth. We recommend a gentle, moisturising cream or gel to soothe the skin afterwards. As for the tweezers, ensure that you use sterilising wipes to clean the tip and let it dry before storing it back into its protective tube.